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Since 1995, more than 20 years, Martial Art Innovations has been providing affordable, high quality martial arts instruction to students ages 3 to adult. We specialize in getting students with no previous experience involved in our program in an environment that is fun, exciting, and safe.

What We Do

Gigi Frack

Our Facility

Our Instructors

​​Our instructors have between 10 and 30 years of martial arts experience each. These are dedicated lifelong martial artist that love what they do and are outstanding at getting positive results for our students. Our program is always evolving, and we are always looking to improve what we do. All of our instructors commit to continuing their education by attending classes, seminars, and camps with top professionals every year. Areas of study include not only martial arts, but also health, fitness, psychology, personal development, and much more.

Joshua Pollard

Our facility is 4,400 square feet with three training rooms. Our main room has a large training floor fully covered with Olympic style training mats and our kickboxing ring. We are the best-equipped school in our area. We use punching bags, boxing mitts, kick shields, medicine balls, stability balls, suspension straps, pull up bars, and much more provide our students with the best training possible. 

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